Female sexuality and orgasms are explored at It includes a guide to sex toys for women. Sexuality Talk includes a fun little background on the history female sexuality toys. This site also covers types of vibrators, areas of stimulation, lubricants, and toy materials. We look forward to expanding these pages to include many aspects of human sexuality, but remain focused on women. Plans to add a message board on sexual topics, techniques for orgasms, book reviews, articles, erotica, and more are in the works. So return to us often.

Sex News on the Humorous Side

The Perfect Valentine's Gift...For Your Pet!

A Love Motel exclusively for pets has opened in Brazil. The Pet Love motel, in Sao Paulo, offers decorated rooms for pets to mate. The motel rooms are decorated in the same way as love motels for humans, with satin sheets, ceiling mirrors and lots of cushions. A Pet Love spokesperson said: "Pets have needs and they also want some excitement."


If He Had Only Had a Valentine...

A German man pretended his car had broken down to con local residents into letting him use their phones. They thought he was calling a tow truck when he was actually calling premium sex lines for up to 20 minutes at a time.

At least four women have complained to police. One victim told police: "It was raining and I felt bad that his car had broken down. After 15 minutes he was still on the phone; when I went to look he was red in the face and was obviously excited about something."

She added the man then hung up, ran out of her house and sped away in his car. "When I pressed redial someone called Jasmine asked what she could do for me and on my next phone bill I found 40 pounds charge for the call."


The history of female sexual aides go back further than anyone knows; however,the Ancient Roman’s are often credited as the first people to invent sex toys. While their society was NOT as decedent as often portrayed, although certain Emporers certainly deserved the reputation, the Roman civilization'sreputation as highly advanced and inventive is highly documented. (An example: medicine and surgical instruments were not improved upon the Roman designs until about 1880.)

Roman women had a certain amount of freedom including sexual freedom not found in other ancient cultures, at least during the period following Julius Caesar—the Empire Period. This led to the invention of sexual instruments for women to use, perhaps for those who’s husbands were away at war.

Female sexuality blossomed during this period including the appearance of phallic like object in ancient Greece and Italy is well documented. The word dildo is likely to have come from the Italian word 'dilettarsi' meaning to take delight in. These ancient dildos however were nothing like the modern day versions. They young frustrated women of Ancient Rome would settle with dildos made of leather or wood, which one could imagine required a lot of olive oil lubrication!


Female sexuality was repressed during the "Victorian Period" and women suffered from a condition called “hysteria,” which became the second most commonly diagnosed illness of the period.

Symptoms of Hysteria

–Nervous affliction in women
–Patient’s emotional and reflex excitability was exaggerated (basically on pins and needles)
–Became the victim of unusual sensations, and often fell into fits

Treating Hysteria

• To cure hysteria, physicians massaged a woman’s Vulva until there was release
• Many women went frequently to have their “problems” treated
• Physician’s complained about this exhausting work

Yes, physician's masturbated their women patients to orgasm as a treatment for 'Hysteria,' although, they didn't realize that's what they were doing. This exhaustive procedure performed by physicians led to the development of the vibrator, to relieve doctors of cramped hands from so much massaging. Vibrators become mainstream. By the 1900s, Sears Roebuck catalog sold vibrators for self treatment of “Hysteria”--a multi-purpose appliance that included a buffer, grinder and mixer along with the vibrator attachment.


Adult toys don't have the stigma they once did. Female sexuality is much more accepted today. Many couples have add sex toys into their erotic repertoire. Also, with concerns over STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), sex toys are the safest (and fun) way to enjoy sex without risk of disease.


Here are some of the newest sex toys available

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We hope these pages help you in your search for more sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

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